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(Pre-order 24/05)『月子汤』4周期全配套 POSTPARTUM SOUP-FOUR WEEKS BUNDLE

(Pre-order 24/05)『月子汤』4周期全配套 POSTPARTUM SOUP-FOUR WEEKS BUNDLE

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Most of the mothers think that 28 days of postpartum confinement is enough, in fact it's not. The body hasn't fully healed, and activities like staying up late/caring for the baby deplete body nutrients, delaying recovery and increasing the risk of postpartum health issues.

SUPU's postpartum soup focus on long-term recovery instead of the initial 28 days. We recommend 40 days of confinement ideally, or even 60 days for better results. With proper care during this crucial period, you can transform your body to a healthier version.


SUPU月子调理汤包,不是一般28天坐月的中药汤包。我们更注重妈妈做完月子或出了月子中心后的调理我们建议妈妈『坐月40天为佳,60天会更好』。只要把握好这产后调理黄金期,您也可以 “问题体质” 转化为 “健康体质”。 



2x 莲藕花生鸡汤:滋阴养颜,延缓衰老
2x 昆布干贝鸡汤:滋润清补,帮助修复
2x 黑豆核桃鸡汤:补肾益智,养血乌发


2x 八珍鸡汤       :补益气血,调经散寒
2x 鱼胶美颜鸡汤:滋阴养颜,延缓衰老
2x 菌菇滋补鸡汤:补气养血,提高活力


2x 猴头菇四神鸡汤:健脾利湿,养胃安神
2x 胡椒黑蒜鸡汤    :健脾祛湿,养胃助消化
2x 老黄瓜玉米鸡汤:清热利水,排毒轻体


2x 人参虫草花鸡汤:补气提神,强身健体
2x 虎乳芝雪梨鸡汤:补气润肺,清热润喉
2x 苹果营养鸡汤    :营养丰富,提高免疫



【WHY US 月子汤包特色】

  • Formulated by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner
  • Simply heat up for 5 minutes
  • Utilizes high-temperature sterilization technology,  can stored in room temperature for 6-12 months
  • Soup base made of pure chicken broth 
  • All natural with no MSG, preservatives, or additives
  • Carefully selected sulfur-free Chinese herbal ingredients
  • Include skinless chicken meat and edible ingredients
  • Food grade aluminum foil packaging
  • Compliant with international food safety standards HACCP and GMP certification
  • 由中医师调配的黄金食疗比例
  • 只需简单加热5分钟
  • 高温杀菌技术,室温保存3-6个月
  • 汤底采用熬煮超过3小时的鸡汤
  • 无味精、无防腐剂、无添加剂,纯天然养生汤
  • 严选无硫磺中药食材,安心食用
  • 包含去皮鸡腿和可食用食材
  • 特制铝箔袋,安全方便
  • 获得食品安全化验,符合国际生产安全标准HACCP及GMP认证


  • It is most suitable to start conditioning in the third week after childbirth, avoiding heavy tonics during the recovery period
  • For cases of breast congestion, wound inflammation, or other postpartum discomfort, consumption should be approved by a physician
  • 产后第3周开始调理最合适,避免在修复期进行大补
  • 对于塞奶、伤口发炎或其他不适情况,需医师允许方可食用


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